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I want to let you know that I now have a new blog
where you can find announcements and new freebies!

You can find it here:


Everything here is still available for you to download for free.
However, all of the HFD posts only have my a download for my 2 required pieces of the kit.
Michelle of CraftyScraps is ill at this time, so the HFD challenges are Not currently available
since she is unable to keep up with her forum. If that changes, I will update this to let you know.

Enjoy your visit and please visit my new blog where you will find all of the latest freebies.

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My New Blog With Freebies

To make it easier for everyone to find the link to my new blog,
I decided to create a post just for that!

Here is the link to the new blog:

Kathie Stevens Designs

All of the freebies here still have working links. 
Please note my Welcome post at the top of this blog for further info.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

((Hugs))  Kathie

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Freebies, Halloween Spooktacular Add-ON And New Blog Announcement

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing well. I want to let you know that I have a new
blog where you can find all my current freebies...(I'll fill you in on this in a minute!)

As many of you know, Michelle has been very sick again and is dealing with new
health issues. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. A this time, we don't
know if she will be able to continue with her Crafty Scraps blog, store and forum.
I'll post here and let you know what will happen next as soon as I know. She
appreciates each and every one of you that have been so active in her forum over
the years and made the HFD the hit that it's become. For now, those are on hold too.

All the freebies here have active download links, so please feel free to snag
anything you haven't gotten yet and let me know if you find any not working
so I can get you a new link.

OK, now for the new blog info. I absolutely Love Digi-scrapping and designing
and will be continuing with it on my new blog, which you can find here:


The Halloween Spooktacular kit that I posted on Michelle's forum, you can now
find it on the new blog along with an Add-On Kit that has 25 new elements and
8 new backgrounds (4 Glitter and 4 Patterned) for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Will see you on the new blog soon! ((Hugs)) Kathie

Thursday, August 15, 2013

HFD 36 Challenge At Crafty Scraps Forum

It's time for the next HFD blog hop!

Last month our theme was cats, so this month our theme is dogs for all
the dog lovers out there! Here is the color palette we used this time..

Once you get my 2 required pieces for your layout, go to Debra's 
blog to pick up hers and follow to the next blog from there. 

Grab my 2 pieces here:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My blog just celebrated it's 1st birthday!

I made a large, full size kit to share with you so you can help me
celebrate this milestone! It's been a fun year and I plan on sharing
many more goodies with you for the next year! 

I hope you enjoy the kit and thank you all so much for visiting!

((Hugs)) Kathie

Sale and Freebie

Michelle at CraftyScraps 
is having a Huge Sale! 

She also has a freebie for you on her blog and many more in her store
So please check out all the new kits and clipart and grab your freebies 
while you're there!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

HFD 35 Freebie Time

It's the 15th of the month...and you know what that means!
Time for another HFD mega kit freebie for posting just 1
layout from the required pieces!

Michelle has had several requests for us to do a kit for cats and
kittens...so that's what we did! Here's the beautiful color palette
we had to work with this time:

You should have come here from Michelle's blog
After you download your pieces from me...head on over to Jana's blog

Once you have collected all 14 pieces, head on over to the forum to
see how to use the pieces. Make just 1 layout, post it and you will get
the Entire Mega Kit for Free! Looking forward to seeing all your LO's

You can get my pieces here:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Back With Another Freebie!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your summer so far!

The freebie I have for you today I made with Michelle's new
kit called Ruffin It! I love the versatility of this kit...it can be used
for camping, fishing, hiking trips...basically almost anything you
love to do outdoors. Here's a preview of it for you:

I  made you 3 flairs and 3 flair frames using some of the adorable
items in this kit. They are all full size and ready to add to your
favorite 'outdoorsy' layouts!

Just click on the image to download:

I hope you enjoy these goodies and don't forget that the next HFD
Challenge will be starting on July 15th...and once again this team
put together another great mega kit for you. If this is new to you,
please check out some of the other HFD Challenges here:

You can still participate in any or all of the past challenges that interest you. It's as easy as can be...post 1 layout with the required pieces and
get the mega kit for Free! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Freebie From SugarButt Designs Templates! *UPDATED*

Some of you had problems opening up the papers after unzipping the file. 
I've removed the link that was there and replaced it with a new one for you. 
It's a completely new zip file.
I re-zipped the original folder and re-upped the whole thing!
So sorry you had problems with it and please let me know if the new 
download is working correctly for you now. Thanks! ~Hugs~ Kathie

Hi everyone! I hope those of you that celebrate the 4th of July 
had a wonderful day and took lots of pics.......
because I've made you a kit using only SugarButt Designs
templates along with my own imagination and color palette!
It's perfect for scrapping your 4th celebration and it's Free!

JJ of SugarButt Designs has been so generous in sharing her
fabulous templates with us that I thought it would be a nice
way to thank her and bring you a fun kit using a sampling of
her Templates so you can see what can be done with them!
She has whole themes of bundled templates in several stores, 
so if you need some Very High Quality Templates, 
be sure to check her blog to find out which stores she has them in. 
recently purchased a Christmas bundle and am thrilled with it!

Here's the preview of the kit...just click on the image to
download it. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your new kit!

**Thank You JJ** for so kindly sharing your talent 
and creations with us...I always look forward to 
seeing what you come up with next!**

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Freebie From SugarButt Designs July Thank You Gift

Hi everyone! I have a few goodies for you today that I made using
the wonderful July thank you gift that JJ from SugarButt designs
sends to everyone that subscribes to her newsletter. You can
sign up for free at her blog.

Here is the preview of it...which you can get now from her blog.

And here is your gift from me....just click on the image or use
the link right below it. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HFD 34 Bonus Surprise Freebie

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your patience while 
we're dealing with internet down time and health issues.
The internet is finally co-operating and the HFD 34 Mega Kit
has now been uploaded!!! For those of you that did a layout
and posted it on the forum, your mega's have now been sent.

Since you patiently waited thru all this, I made you a little
bonus surprise from the goodies in the HFD kit. For anyone that
hasn't yet participated in the challenge, please head on over
to the forum and see what it's all about! And you can still
download this freebie even if you weren't patient...LOL!

There are 4 Flair Photo Frames in this set, size 1800x1800, 300 dpi
Just add your favorite photo behind them and enjoy! 
Click on the image to be taken to the download.

Please scroll down for any freebies you might have missed.
Thanks so much for stopping by! ((Hugs)) Kathie

Saturday, June 15, 2013

HFD 34 Freebie

It's time for another HFD fun challenge!

So are you ready for some Fun In The Sun? That's the theme of 
this huge mega kit and all the ladies did an incredible job making
these kits for you.

Here is the color palette that was used. For those of you that purchased
something or donated towards the Project Inspiration Buckets...
you'll love the color palette for this HFD since the colors compliment
the mega thank you kit for your donation or purchases. 
Together they make a Super Huge Mega Kit...LOL!

(Hint: scroll down to find a little 
Beach Serenity freebie I made for you!)

You should have come here from Linda's blog and after you download
your pieces from me, head on over to Jana's blog to collect her pieces.

Have fun! I love seeing what you all come up with for your layouts!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beach Serenity Freebies

Hi everyone! I'm here today to give you a freebie you can download 
now and to tell you how you can get a Huge Mega Kit for either a 
$5.00 purchase at the CraftyScraps Store or a $5.00 donation. 

ALL proceeds from purchases for the entire month of June
 are being  donated towards the items needed for the 

'Project Inspirational Buckets'

To help you help us with this deserving project, for the month of June, everything in the store is 50% off and all the CU Clipart is 20% off. 
You will not only get your purchases, but will receive a Huge Mega
Kit that Michelle and her CT's made called 'Beach Serenity'

To get you started, I made you an add-on kit that you can download
for free now. After you get this kit, please check out Michelle's blog
to see a slide of each of the 7 kits you will get for your donation or
purchase. Then head on over to her store to pick some goodies out
for your scrapbooking needs and also get this wonderful thank you
gift from us to show our appreciation for your kind help.

Here is your freebie...just click on the image for the download.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and don't forget to come back on
June 15th when the next HFD is starting. YAY! More fun and freebies!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HFD 33 Mega Kit Freebie

It's time for another HFD Fun Challenge!

We have a Huge Mega Kit for you free
just for making one layout from the required
pieces. Just go to all of our blogs to collect
your pieces, make 1 layout, them post it
 in the crafty scraps forum.
We will then send you the links to your mega kit!

Here is the preview of  this month's kit:

Isn't it cute! You're gonna have fun making 
layouts from this adorable kit! 

You should have come here from Heidi's blog
After collecting your pieces from me
go to Jana's blog

Here is your link to the pieces from me:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Freebie And A Mother's Day Match Sale

Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well and are
looking forward to this Mother's Day weekend!

I'm here with a freebie for you and to let you know
that there is a Great Sale going on 
at the Crafty Scraps Store.

Michelle has been very busy making amazing clip art
that are All Exclusives to Crafty Scraps and I just had
to make you some freebies from one of the dogs.

So please go check out all these goodies at her store
after you get your freebie here. You will find more
freebies at the store too! How great is that? And 
a fabulous Match Sale too! WOW! 
You can find the details at the store.

Here is a preview of your freebie

Just click on the image to download

I hope you enjoy the freebie and have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

HFD 32 Birthday Bash

It's time for another HFD Fun Challenge!

This month's theme is celebrating Birthdays!
And we have a Huge Mega Kit for you free
just for making one layout from the required
pieces. Just go to all of our blogs to collect
your pieces, make 1 layout, them post it
 in the crafty scraps forum.
We will then send you the links to your mega kit!

Here is the preview of  this month's kit:

You should have come here from Michelle's blog

After collecting your pieces from me
go to Heidi's blog

Here is your link to the pieces from me:

While you're here, please scroll down to get a
couple of freebies for Michelle's new
Resale Clipart and if you haven't found
the Hope For Brady blog train freebie,
you can download that too while you're
here. The link to the Hope For Brady free kit
will only be good till the end of this month,
then it will go into the 4 My Babies store.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the fantastic
layouts for this month's HFD...it's such a
fun theme!

CraftyScraps Sale and New Exclusive Resale Clipart


I have some exciting news to share with you!
Michelle McCoy now has EXCLUSIVE Resale Clipart available
in her store. And to celebrate, she is giving you one of her new
cliparts to you for FREE on her blog!

*Make sure to keep reading because I have made
something really cute for you too!*

You can resell them AS IS, use for printables, 
use them in stores like Zazzle, etc.... and 
No extra license is required!

**Here is a preview of some of the new art:**

And as promised, here is a gift for you from
me to add to the celebration. This was
made using one of her new pelicans!
Just click on the image to be taken to
the download link.  Enjoy!


She also has a fantastic 60% Off Sale for you!
Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 1, 2013

**Hope For Brady Blog Train**

Autism Awareness - Updated

**The blog train for this year has ended. You can find my part of the kit
exclusively at just4ourbabies store along with a large selection of other
donated and past trains. There is a lot to choose from including QP's,
styles, full kits, and bundles!**

*Thanks for your support and hope to see you back here next year!*

The Hope For Brady Train was started 3 years ago to raise funds and awareness for the families whose lives have been touched by Autism.

All the kits from the past trains are for sale if you would like to purchase any of them for a small fee.

This is an annual event and the proceeds ardonated to the Hope Scholarship fund for the Son Rise program.

Here is my part:

Not all items are shown
Kit has 42 Elements and 12 Papers - Full Size!

Enjoy your new kits and thanks so much for
taking part in our blog train. (Hugs)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

HFD 31 Mega Freebie Time Is Here!

HFD 31 
Mega Freebie Challenge

~Hi everyone~

We have a gorgeous new mega kit for you for this months 
Hide Find Design Challenge....and of course you get this kit for free for doing just 1 layout! The mega kit this time is full of Spring and Easter goodies...all done in beautiful colors. I'm sure you'll enjoy this kit 
and find tons of things to get creative with!!!

Here are your previews

There are so many embies that only a small part of
them are shown in the preview.

OK...on to your links to get this fun kit!

You should have come here from Michelle's blog

After you download my required pieces, 
go to Debra's blog next

Click the download button to collect my pieces
**Once you have all your pieces, go to the forum
for the instructions for this month's layout**

Have Fun!

Friday, February 15, 2013

HFD 30 Mega Freebie

The HFD Crafty Scraps challenge is back! And we have all
worked very hard to bring you an Amazing kit! You all know how 
this works....You collect my pieces, then I will send you to 
another blog, she will send you to another, and so on. 

Once you collect all the pieces, go to the forum....there you will find the simple rules for making the layout required....once you create your layout and post it in the forum, then you will receive this HUGE kit for FREE!

Here's a preview of the kit for you:

You should have come here from Heidi's blog 

After you collect my pieces, you will go to Linda's blog 
to collect her pieces.

Here is the link to my pieces: