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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HFD 33 Mega Kit Freebie

It's time for another HFD Fun Challenge!

We have a Huge Mega Kit for you free
just for making one layout from the required
pieces. Just go to all of our blogs to collect
your pieces, make 1 layout, them post it
 in the crafty scraps forum.
We will then send you the links to your mega kit!

Here is the preview of  this month's kit:

Isn't it cute! You're gonna have fun making 
layouts from this adorable kit! 

You should have come here from Heidi's blog
After collecting your pieces from me
go to Jana's blog

Here is your link to the pieces from me:


  1. Just discovered your blog because I came for your freebie using Sugarbutt's mini kit...Is it possible to still get this kit????

    1. Yes, all the HFD kits posted on the Crafty Scraps blog are still available.

      It's very easy to get! You will need to download the 2 pieces from Michelle and each CT, make only 1 layout and post it
      in the forum in the post it belongs in.
      Leave an email address and we will send you the link to download the Entire Mega Kit for Free!

      You Do Not have to create a profile or log-in. There are instructions there also for getting the kit if you don't want to post your email in the forum.
      Just email Michelle and you can still get the kit. Her email is on the forum.

      There are tons of freebies there and if you like fun challenges for more prizes, you can do those too! We even have a Bingo game!!!

      Here's the link to the forum:


      The section you want is called:
      Hide, Find & Design

      Hope to see you there! ~Kathie~


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