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Friday, August 24, 2012

School Boy Freebie

Michelle at Crafty Scraps made a great kit for the boys too!

It's called Teach Me - Boy with lots of bold colors!

Here's a preview of it:

Lots of goodies in this kit!

I made you a free add-on School Boy kit to go 
with it...I even added a fun element...
a dartboard with darts!! Lots of bold colors in this one too!




I hope you enjoy this new gift! After you download this, why don't you head on over to Michelle's blog where she has another freebie for this kit and you can find the whole kit in her store! Once you get to the Crafty Scraps blog, look for the link to her forum...there are Tons of freebies there and some fun challenges for you too!




 Check back soon for more gifts and announcements!

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